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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sound Transit Hiring Spin Doctors

Dec 11, 2002 at 11:56 AM PST

By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - Of all the things wrong with Sound Transit: false promises; false starts; overbudget; underperforming; poor management...

Of ALL the things wrong with Sound Transit, the agency's answer to its problems is:

(sound of trumpets)


Yes, not content with merely sucking taxpayers dry for the increased costs of a decreased plan, the brain trust charged with keeping this agency alive has decided to spend $215,000 more-of-our-dollars in an effort to bolster its image.

In a special newspaper column late last month, former Governor Booth Gardner summed up that image quite succinctly:

"At every turn, Sound Transit has failed at the LINK light rail effort."

A candid statement from a guy usually known for his political tact.

Gardner basically said that King County Executive Ron Sims should admit that Sound Transit is a losing proposition, and flush the agency along with its make-believe projects.

In response, Sound Transit announces:

(sound of more trumpets)

IT'S HIRING MORE "SPIN DOCTORS" to counteract the kind of "misinformation" people like former governors keep putting out there!

And that's what Sound Transit is really about, isn't it? Polish the image to buff up the illusion - and all at taxpayer's expense.

Spin doctors?

I think it's time for the coroner.

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