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Monday, March 10, 2008

Anti-Prop 1 Voters Pamphlet Puget Sound taxpayers against RTID Proposition 1 - The "Roads and Transit" Package (RAT ) 2/9/07

It's $157 billion con game that we can't afford to lose!

No To Proposition 1 Voters' Pamphlet Statement

Prop 1 contains the biggest local tax increase anywhere in America, ever.

Prop 1 more than doubles--even triples--the average car license tab tax. Doubles the Sound Transit portion of the regressive local sales tax. And taxes you and your family---forever.

The tax bite is staggering: $157 billion over the next 50 years. That averages almost $2,000 per year for most households for the next half century. By comparison, voters said no to the Monorail when its understated taxes ballooned to $11 billion.

This is not a balanced plan. Only 10% funds roads. Just a fraction of that goes toward fixing dangerous bridges and crumbling freeways. Nearly 90% funds Sound Transit – which moves about 1% of all trips – while everyone else is stuck in even worse gridlock. With or without this plan, traffic congestion will still double by 2028 according to Sound Transit’s own documentation.

In 1996, Sound Transit promised completion of its Ten-Year Plan within budget by 2006. So what happened? Billions in cost overruns, 10 years behind schedule, transit use declining as a percentage of travel, traffic increasing, and global warming worsening.

That's why leading Democrats, Republicans, and the Sierra Club all oppose Proposition 1.

Don't be fooled -- AGAIN. Vote No to Proposition 1.

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