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Monday, March 10, 2008

Four False Premises of Charlotte's Light Rail Proposal

4 Reasons Why Light Rail Is Not Good For You

Charlotte light rail is built on four false premises:

False Premise #1: Light rail is good for your air.

Worsening air pollution is a collectivist lie. Air pollution has been getting better for decades through car and factory technology improvements -- not because of legislation.

The worst performing ozone monitor in Mecklenburg exceeded unhealthy levels only 17 days a year in 2003. That is less than 5% of the year. The other monitors report significantly less days. Unhealthful days have been dropping since at least the 1980's. (Data: J. Schwartz, AEI).

Light rail is "solving" a non-existent problem – it is not good for your air.

False Premise #2: Light rail is good for you.

Cars and roads are good for you. Cars allow you the flexibility to gain and keep your values -- your work, your family, your friends, your personal interests. Your car and roads work for you when you need them.

The light rail proponents want you to think that cars and roads are bad for you. They don't want you to consider that human

life expectancy has increased by 50% in the last 100 years -- not in spite of pollution-producers like cars, but because of them. (Data: CDC) You are healthier, wealthier, and happier because of cars and roads.Light rail is not good for you. Instead of working for you, you must live your life around light rail. You will not be healthier, or wealthier, or happier with less cars and roads. You will not be healthier, or wealthier, or happier with light rail.

Roads reduce road congestion and support your life and your values.

False Premise #3: Sprawl is bad for you.

Sprawl is good for you. Why? Because sprawl is you. It is your life, your family, your friends, your home, your business. Sprawl is your values. Keep that in mind whenever you hear someone speak against sprawl. Don't forget that light rail is only one piece of the Big Mother puzzle that will tell you where to live and work. Don't let them convince you that sprawl is bad. If they do, then they have won the battle to take from you the values you have earned. Sprawl is good for you -- it is your life.

False Premise #4: Collectivism is good for you.

Collectivism has never been good for anyone. Collectivists don't respect your life as an individual. They force you to support things that you do not need, will not use, and do not agree with -- like light rail.

Why are Charlotte collectivist politicians continuing on the immoral and impractical path of the past failures, disasters, slavery, poverty, destruction, and malevolence of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, all of Eastern Europe, and big pieces of Asia? Do they not recall the 20th century?

Capitalism is good for you. It is the social system that defends your individual and property rights from thugs. Your local government is a collectivist thug because it is forcing you into its light rail plan. Instead of collectivism, we all need capitalism to protect our values.

Are these simple answers? Yes, because they are the truth. It is time to shake light rail proponents at the core of their false premises by questioning them and providing alternatives.

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