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Monday, January 1, 2007

Transportation Improvement Board 2006 Annual Report

Washington State
Transportation Improvement Board

Cover Photo: City of Lind- Main Street
Table of Contents
TIB Year in Review ... ...1
2007 Meeting Schedule ... ..3
Current TIB Members ... ...4
Administration and Performance Management ... ..5
Core Values ... ...5
Capital and Operating Budget ... .6
Performance Management/BPI ... ...7
Small City Programs ... ..9
Brewster: Main Avenue ... .11
Cathlamet: Division ... .12
LaCrosse: North Main & A Street ... ..13
Lind: Citywide Arterial Overlay ... .14
Yelm: 103rd Street SE ... ..15
SR 27 Chip Seal ... ..17
Sidewalk Program Projects ... ...20
Urban Programs ... .21
Lynnwood: 44th Avenue West ... ..23
Wenatchee: Columbia Street/Thurston ... ...24
West Richland: Bombing Range Road ... ..25
Bellevue: 148th Avenue SE ... .27
Kennewick: Columbia Center Boulevard ... ..28
Pierce County: Lake Tapps Parkway Extension ... .29
Snohomish County: Lundeen Parkway ... ..30
Vancouver: 192nd Corridor ... ...31
Corridor Completion Innitiative Projects ... .33
SidewalkProgram Projects ... .35
Active and Completed Project Lists ... ..38

Year in Review
We are pleased to present the fiscal year 2006 Annual Report of the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB). The past year was marked by both accomplishment and challenge. We share our most significant challenge with the Washington State Department of Transportation and all of our customer agencies as the transportation industry experienced the steepest increase in construction costs in more than thirty years. TIB is responding to the challenge by adopting constrained funding programs and providing modest funding increases.
The Transportation Improvement Board and its staff spent the past year implementing new initiatives and improving business processes.
Small City Preservation Program. Legislative support for small cities produced ongoing funding for the Small City o
Preservation Program. The first group of 31 new maintenance projects reached construction. The TIB's maintenance contract with WSDOT allowed an additional four towns on SR 27 to receive seal coat maintenance for many of their streets. See the highlighted towns on page 17.
Corridor Completion Initiative`. TIB used new law funding for the Transportation Improvement Account to dio
verge from past practice and concentrate on final completion of eight urban corridor projects. The corridor completion initiative speeds these multi-stage urban projects to closure and unlocks the value of the state's investment in all prior stages as well. See corridor completion projects on page 34.
Business Process Improvement. Our Business Process Improvement (BPI) project progressed toward the goal of o
overhauling every agency rule, form letter, and activity to root out unused or outdated practices. The BPI project includes the first complete rewrite of our WAC rules in 38 years. Improvements to our GMAP software dashboard are also underway. Articles on BPI and the GMAP performance management system are on page 7. Our current effort seeks to include three-year post-project performance statistics in our automated performance management system.

In addition to these new initiatives, TIB actively manages an inventory of about 400 grant projects. We monitor all projects to ensure good progress toward completion and delayed projects have been reduced to a ten-year low. The list of all active and completed projects starts on page 38. Business Process Improvements and Performance Management have improved TIB's project controls and cash position. Prior overprogramming has been corrected and performance targets for processing accounts payable and fund balances are both being met.
The Transportation Improvement Board continues to invest in local communities toward our goal of fully funded and completed projects. We appreciate the support of the Governor, the Legislature, and our customers in achieving this goal.
Leo Bowman Stevan Gorcester
Chair Executive Director

TIB 2007
Meeting Schedule
Date Location
January 25-26 Lacey
March 22-23 Yakima
May 17-18 Walla Walla
July 26-27 Port Angeles
September 27-28 Wenatchee
November 29-30 Tacoma

Actual meeting locations will be determined based on availability at the time of the meeting date. Please check our web site at for final locations.

Transportation Improvement Board Members (2006)
County Members City Members WSDOT Members
TIB Chair TIB Vice Chair Ms. Kathleen Davis
Commissioner Leo Bowman Councilmember Jeanne Burbidge Ms. Paula Hammond, P.E.
Benton County City of Federal Way
Councilmember Calvin Goings Mr. Mark Freiberger, P.E.
Governor Appointee
Pierce County City of Colville
Ms. Robin Rettew
Office of Financial Management
Commissioner Greg Partch Councilmember William Ganley
Whitman County City of Battle Ground
Mr. Steve Thomsen, P.E. Councilmember Neil McClure Private Sector Member
Snohomish County City of Yakima Ms. Heidi Stamm
HS Public Affairs
Mr. Dave Nelson Mr. Dick McKinley
Grant County City of Bellingham

Non-Motorized Member
Mr. Jay Weber Mr. David Stalheim

Mr. Ralph Wessels, P.E.
County Road Administration Board City of Wenatchee

Bicycle Alliance of Washington
Transit Member Port Member

Special Needs Member
Mr. Harold Taniguchi Mr. Todd Coleman, P.E.

Ms. Doreen Marchione
King County DOT (Metro Transit) Port of Vancouver

John Akers, City of Ellensburg; George Cress, Port of Longview; Dave O'Connell, Mason County Transportation Authority; and Arnold Tomac, Bicycle Alliance of Washington also served on the Board during FY 2006.

Administration & Performance Management
Core Values
The Transportation Improvement Board makes management and policy decisions consistent with the agency's values in order to meet our vision - fully funded and completed local transportation projects.
Core Value Description Examples

Improve and Innovate TIB actively modernizes and improves its business practices to ensure a WAC Redraft
deliberate connection between policies and actions.
TIB/WSDOT Paving Contract for Small Cities
We use creativity and technology to find innovative ways to improve our projects, County Road Work Crews
products, and efficiency.
Performance Management Dashboard
"The way we've always done it" is rejected in favor of the best ways we can find to
perform our work.

Manage Projects to Involvement of TIB staff increases after project selection. Delayed Projects Process
Ribbon Cutting
The goal of the agency is project completion rather than grant award. Director's Watchlist
TIB staff know their projects sufficiently to foresee and avoid potential problems. Project Technical Assistance Meetings

Dollars in the Ground, Transportation funding should be actively managed to its most efficient use. Financial Forecasting Model
not in the Bank
Inventory control is persistent to prevent hidden pitfalls. Inventory Management Project (Closeout
Financial management is superior and financial decisions prudent, but aggressive.

Catalyst for TIB ensures that the reliability of project completion is high before providing funds. Criteria changes to favor extending prior
Project Completion improvements
Grants should be effective at ensuring project completion.
Corridor Completion Initiative

Administration & Performance Management
2006 Capital & Operating Expenses
The Transportation Improvement Board's expenditure authority for Fiscal Year 2006 was $99,894,000. Operating expenditures account for less than 2% of the fiscal year budget.
Fiscal Year 2006 Actual Expenditures
Transportation Improvement Account 144 Capital Expenditures $37,080,607
Urban Arterial Trust Account 112 Capital Expenditures $38,108,417
Small City Pavement and Sidewalk Account 08M Capital Expenditures $12,177
Administrative Operating Expenditures $1,375,643
Total $76,576,844

For the 2005-07 biennium, the Transportation Improvement Account (TIA) received $5 million of additional revenue to help fund newly selected corridor completion projects. A separate biennial appropriation of $2 million was allocated to the Small City Pavement and Sidewalk account.

Administration & Performance Management
Business Process Improvement
The most significant business process improvements are those that have a positive impact both inside and outside the organization. Following are examples of current TIB Business Process Improvement projects that address one or more performance measures, improve productivity among TIB staff, and support the agencies we serve.
Performance Management
A major accomplishment this past year has been the development of meaningful performance measures for staff. One example is the criteria established for TIB engineers regarding the frequency and quality of customer contacts. Communication between TIB engineers and local government clients is key to the successful completion of local transportation projects. By establishing communication standards, TIB can evaluate how well the staff is meeting client and project support requirements.
TIB Dashboard Updates
Another accomplishment this past year has been the ongoing refinement of the TIB Dashboard. TIB's performance management software dashboard reports agency status in real time on an internal website. A display of Dashboard slides that are integral in performance management to TIB are on the opposite page. The newest addition to the Project Tracking System is the Demand Tracker. Payment demand drives cashflow for TIB and a normal bell curve distribution for many projects is optimal and predictable. By predicting demand, the agency can manage cash and reserves for the programs and the 16-Year Financial Plan for capital project budgeting.
Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Revisions
Existing WAC rules were developed over many years to support separate funding sources and organizations that were once governed independently. When pulled together under the umbrella of TIB, some WAC rules were repetitive or overlapping, causing confusion among staff and local agencies. A complete overhaul of the WACs began in late 2005, the first such comprehensive effort at TIB. Through this endeavor, slated for completion in early 2007, the rules will be shortened, simplified, and up to date. The new format and content will allow for timely revisions as policies change.

Small City Programs
The Transportation Improvement Board offers three different funding programs to Washington's small cities.
Small City Arterial Program (SCAP) Small City Pavement Preservation (SCPP) Sidewalk Program (SP)
2006, TIB completed approximately 130 projects, 56 of those being Small City Projects. The following are highlighted Small City Projects.
SCAP Projects: Page 10
o Brewster: Main Avenue o Cathlamet: Division Street o LaCrosse: North Main Street o Lind: Main Street & Citywide Overlay o Yelm: 103rd Street SE
SCPP Projects: Page 16
o SR 27 Chip Seal: Fairfield, Oakesdale, Rockford, Tekoa SP Projects: Page 19
o Clyde Hill: 98th Avenue o Cosmopolis: J Street
o North Bend: Downing Avenue

Small City Arterial Program
Highlighted Projects

City of Brewster: Main Avenue
Main Avenue
Small City Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
The project eliminated safety issues that plagued the central business district. Main Street is now a vibrant area that encourages both vehicle and pedestrian travel to the businesses and facilities located along the corridor.
o Reconstructed the roadway to provide
two travel lanes with angled parking and sidewalks with curbs, gutters, and ADA ramps on both sides.
o Improved the storm drainage system to
reduce standing water.
o Incorporated streetscape elements to
beautify the downtown area.
Total TIB Funds: $ 620,000
Total Cost: $1,650,000

City of Cathlamet: Division & River Streets
Division and River Streets
Small City Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
The completed project provides improved access to the central business district, promoting economic development. Over the course of several projects, TIB assistance has renewed most of the arterial system in Cathlamet.
o The project reconstructed Division
Street and River Street to provide two travel lanes with angled parking.
o Curbs, drainage, gutters, and sidewalks
were also added.
Total TIB Funds: $604,000
Total Cost: $657,000

City of LaCrosse: North Main & A Street
North Main & A Street
Small City Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
Main Street provides the primary access to the central business district, town park, and schools located on A
Street. Pedestrian mobility is improved by
extending the sidewalk system, which completes the route. By eliminating the standing water and flooding, vehicle and pedestrian safety is enhanced.
o This project overlaid the existing
roadway and widened the travel lanes. o Sidewalk with curb and gutter are now
on both sides of Main Street and A Street. o The storm drainage system, including a
lift station, eliminates local flooding across the north end of Main Street.
Total TIB Funds: $350,000
Total Cost: $350,000

Town of Lind: SR 21 Reconstruction and Citywide Arterial Overlay
Citywide Arterial Overlay
Small City Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
The map on the right shows highlighted streets that have been reconstructed or resurfaced with TIB grants in the past three years. The Small City Arterial Program and Preservation Program came together in Lind to renew the local arterial system. The reconstruction of SR 21 through downtown Lind was a partnership between TIB and the WSDOT maintenance program. By working together, both the highway maintenance and the replacement of Lind's dilapidated sidewalks were completed in one project. Small city preservation funding extended the paving effort to the other local arterials, a departure from piecemeal efforts common to many grant-funded projects.
Citywide Overlay
Total TIB Funds: $318,000
Total Cost: $318,000
SR 21 Reconstruction
Total TIB Funds: $530,000
Total Cost: $876,000 I would like to thank the Transportation Improvement Board for helping to

make the sidewalk reconstruction and SR 21 project a reality. The project
was beneficial to the downtown area and is greatly appreciated by the entire community of Lind.
Mayor Koch, City of Lind

City of Yelm: 103rd Street SE
103rd Street SE
Small City Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
The completed project closes a gap in improvements to the arterial system and provides an alternate route to the heavily congested Yelm Avenue/SR 507.
o The project reconstructed and widened the
roadway to include two travel lanes with curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and planter strips on each side.
Total TIB Funds: $504,000
Total Cost: $922,000

Small City Pavement Preservation
Highlighted Projects

SR 27 Chip Seal:
Fairfield, Oakesdale, Rockford, Tekoa
Benefits to the community:
In Summer 2006, TIB enlisted WSDOT to include four towns in their bids for seal coat maintenance on SR 27 south of Spokane. The towns of Fairfield, Oakesdale, Rockford, and Tekoa received street maintenance work under the WSDOT contract. TIB reimbursed WSDOT for contract costs and an administrative fee. The partnership significantly lowers the cost of street maintenance in small towns by using WSDOT's large buying power to lower unit prices.
Total TIB Funds: $28,000

Total TIB Funds: $79,000

Total TIB Funds: $15,000

Total TIB Funds: $30,000

SR 27 Chip Seal Map

Small City Sidewalk Program
Highlighted Projects

Small City Sidewalk Projects
Benefits to the community:
The Small City Sidewalk Program builds new and reconstructs failing sidewalks in small towns. Projects are selected based on sidewalk condition, safety benefits, ADA access needs, and connections to schools and other facilities. The program also seeks to link discontinuous segments to create a connected network of ADA accessible sidewalks. The example projects in Clyde Hill, Cosmopolis, and North Bend show how TIB Sidewalk projects improve access to schools, parks, businesses, and public buildings.
Clyde Hill: 98th Avenue
Total TIB Funds: $ 93,000
Total Cost: $194,000

Cosmopolis: J Street
Total TIB Funds: $50,000
Total Cost: $54,000

North Bend: Downing Avenue
Total TIB Funds: $ 95,000
Total Cost: $144,000

Urban Programs
The Transportation Improvement Board offers four funding programs to Washington's urban cities and counties.
Urban Arterial Program (UAP) Urban Corridor Program (UCP) Corridor Completion Initiative (CCI) Sidewalk Program (SP)
Highlighted Urban Projects
UAP Projects: Page 22
o Lynnwood: 44th Avenue West o Wenatchee: Columbia Street
o West Richland: Bombing Range Road UCP Projects: Page 26
o Bellevue: 148th Avenue SE
o Kennewick: Columbia Center Boulevard o Pierce County: Lake Tapps Parkway Extention o Snohomish County: Lundeen Parkway o Vancouver: 192nd Avenue Corridor CCI Projects: Page 32
SP Projects: Page 35

Urban Arterial Program
Highlighted Projects

City of Lynnwood: 44th Avenue West
44th Avenue West
Urban Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
This project reduces congestion and improves safety by providing an arterial HOV and rightturn lane on southbound 44th Avenue West from SR-524 to the southbound I-5 on-ramp. The project improves access to the retail businesses in the urban center of Lynnwood.
o Added one southbound HOV lane on
44th Avenue West between 196th and 200th Street SW.
o Provided right turn lanes at the intersection of 196th Street SW. o Overlaid entire street.
Total TIB Funds: $1,832,000
Total Cost: $3,430,000

City of Wenatchee: Columbia Street
Columbia Street
Urban Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
The project provides a safe entry and egress to the railroad underpass on Columbia Street. The reconfigured intersection is easy to navigate and provides ADA accessible sidewalks.
o Reconstructed the connection between the
railroad underpass and Columbia Street to form a tee intersection.
o Removal and replacement of a retaining wall
and reconfiguration of travel lanes mitigates existing hazards.
o Drainage improvements, signing, and
illumination were also included.
Total TIB Funds: $764,000
Total Cost: $963,000

City of West Richland: Bombing Range Road
Bombing Range Road
Urban Arterial Program
Benefits to the community:
The final phase of a five stage project, this segment provides more opportunities for economic development in West Richland by improving traffic flow and access points. It also improves the structural condition to prolong the road life.
o The project constructed two travel lanes with a
center left turn lane.
o Bicycle lanes and sidewalks are on both sides
of the roadway.
o This project also included drainage
improvements, curb, gutter, and street lighting.
Total TIB Funds: $1,725,000
Total Cost: $2,050,000

Urban Corridor Program
Highlighted Projects

City of Bellevue: 148th Avenue SE
148th Avenue SE
Urban Corridor Program
Benefits to the community:
The project improves the safety of 148th Avenue SE by relocating left turns from Landerholm Circle to SE 28th Street. The improvement provides safe access to the Bellevue Community College Campus and reduces congestion of 148th
Avenue SE, providing better access to I-90.
o The project widened the roadway, adding a
southbound lane to 148th bewteen SE 24th Street and the westbound I-90 on-ramp.
o Left turns at Landerholm Circle are eliminated
and the intersection of SE 28th Street was reconstructed, improving access into Bellevue Community College.
o The bicycle and pedestrian systems were
completed, storm drainage was improved, and new illumination was added.
Total TIB Funds: $1,125,000
Total Cost: $3,217,000

City of Kennewick:
Columbia Center Boulevard
Columbia Center Boulevard
Urban Corridor Program
Benefits to the community:
This project constructed a six-lane roadway structure over the BNSF Railroad Stampede Pass Line. The project
included traffic signal improvements at the intersections of
Deschutes Avenue and Clearwater Avenue.
o Eliminated the at-grade railroad crossing, improving safety
to passenger and commercial vehicles.
o Completed a major corridor and reduces congestion in this
growing area.
Total TIB Funds: $ 3,175,000
Total Cost: $12,942,000

Pierce County: Lake Tapps Parkway
Lake Tapps Parkway Extension
Urban Corridor Program
Benefits to the community:
This project improves access for commuters, light industrial traffic, and school buses from the Lake Tapps area to Lakeland Hills, East Valley Highway, SR 167, and SR 410.
o Constructed a new alignment with a
three-lane section, including bike lanes, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks on both sides.
o Other elements include enclosed stormwater
collection, water quality treatment, and illumination.
Total TIB Funds: $1,130,000
Total Cost: $4,187,000

Snohomish County: Lundeen Parkway
Lundeen Parkway
Urban Corridor Program
Benefits to the community:
This project provides a new arterial link northwest of the intersection of SR 9 and SR 204 in the Lake Stevens area of Snohomish County. Developers provided a significant part of the funding to provide access
to this rapidly growing residential area. The new
route also relieves congestion at the SR 9/SR 204 signalized intersection at the Frontier Village commercial area.
o Constructed a two and three lane arterial on a new
alignment connecting SR 9 and SR 204 west of Lake Stevens.
o Installed a new traffic signal at SR 204. o The project included a new bridge across a large
Total TIB Funds: $ 1,991,000
Total Cost: $12,487,000

City of Vancouver: 192nd Avenue Corridor
192nd Avenue Corridor
Urban Corridor Program
Benefits to the community:
Provides a new north-south arterial and reduces congestion on SE 164th Avenue, while providing economic development opportunities.
o This project constructed four travel lanes with a center median and left turn lanes, bicycle lanes, sidewalks,
traffic signals, illumination, landscaping, and a storm water drainage system.
o The interchange at SR 14 reduces congestion.
Total TIB Funds: $ 8,136,000
Total Cost: $38,518,000

Note: The costs above include all four stages, while TIB contributed only to Stages 1 and 3.

Corridor Completion Initiative
Highlighted Projects

Benton County
Federal Way

Pierce County
Thurston County

New Castle
Walla Walla County

Corridor Completion Projects
Many corridor improvements are staged according to the limited financial resources rather than following natural termini. When corridor projects are funded in multiple stages, the lead agency goes through the process of securing funding many times. TIB's goal is to complete vital transportation corridors in a timely manner, realize the full benefit of prior work in the corridor, and offer a more efficient method of project completion.
To qualify as a corridor completion, a project had to meet all of the following criteria:
o Plan Consistency - Project is consistent with local, regional, and state transportation plans.
o Final Corridor Link - Last unfunded segment of the corridor. No other segments of the corridor have funding
o TIB Corridor - TIB has been a significant funding partner in other segments within the corridor.
o Full Funding - It can be reasonably anticipated that the project would be fully funded within 18 months
if TIB's commitment is made.
o Feasible TIB Funding Level - TIB's funding request is reasonable in relation to the overall grant proposal.
o Completion Between Natural Termini - Project completes the corridor between natural termini and provides
network connectivity.
o Reasonable Contributions - Funding partners have committed reasonable funding based on their financial ability
to participate.
o Clear Path to Completion - The project will go to construction within a reasonable timeline. Project is free of
major environmental, right of way, and public opposition issues.
Application rankings and project interviews were used to select the following 2007 projects:
City of Newcastle - Coal Creek Parkway City of Everett - 112th Street SE
City of Federal Way - Pacific Highway Pierce County - Canyon Road
City of Walla Walla - Myra Road Benton County - I-82 Intertie
City of Richland - Gage Boulevard Thurston County - Yelm Highway

City of Colville - Railroad Street

Urban Sidewalk Program
Highlighted Projects

Urban Sidewalk Projects
Benefits to the community:
The Urban Sidewalk Program fills missing connections in pedestrian facilities on main arterials. Many projects link a series of discontinuous "frontage improvements" originally constructed with new land developments. Projects are selected based on safety and connectivity of pedestrian routes. The example projects in Bainbridge Island, Covington, and Grandview serve schools, businesses, and locations where accidents have occurred or are likely to occur without the facility.
Bainbridge Island: Madison Avenue
Total TIB Funds: $ 150,000
Total Cost: $1,163,000

Covington: Wax Road
Total TIB Funds: $ 9 2,000
Total Cost: $290,000

Grandview: Fir Street
Total TIB Funds: $ 96, 000
Total Cost: $121,000

Projects List

Active Projects List
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

1 **BOTHELL 240th Street SR-527 to Meridian Ave S 200,000 768,800
1 KENMORE Bothell Way (SR-522) 73rd Ave NE to East City Limits 3,000,000 12,000,000
2 **EATONVILLE Carter Street Washington Ave to Orchard Ave 492,100 585,900
2 **EATONVILLE Rainier Avenue Center St to Carter St 95,000 182,400
2 EATONVILLE Center Street Cedar Ave to Madison Ave 180,000 180,000
2 ORTING Train Street SE Washington Ave S to Varner Ave SE 383,722 549,330
2 ORTING Calistoga Street East Washington Ave S to Varner Ave SE 513,707 709,543
2 ORTING Sidewalk Replacement Multiple Locations 47,000 232,038
2 PIERCE COUNTY Spanaway Loop Road South Extension Vicinity of Coffee Creek to 176th St South/SR-7 660,119 2,092,697
2 RAINIER 133rd Avenue/Centre Street City Limits on 133rd St - Yelm to Tenino Trail on Centre St 100,000 269,001
2 **ROY SR-507 288th St to 295th St 277,302 308,113
2 **YELM Stevens Street First St to Edwards St 565,000 964,560
2 YELM 103rd Avenue Creek St to West Rd 17,915 140,267
2,22 THURSTON COUNTY Duterrow Road SE Martin Wy E to Steilacoom Rd SE 471,200 1,353,331
2,25 **PIERCE COUNTY 176th Street East Gem Heights Dr E to SR-161 1,052,026 2,805,302
2,25 **PIERCE COUNTY Canyon Road East 172nd St E to 160th St E 5,500,000 9,483,300
2,29 PIERCE COUNTY Pacific Avenue South (SR-7) SR-512 to SR-507 3,360,064 20,341,810
3 SPOKANE Thor Street/Freya Street Couplet Hartson Ave to Sprague Ave 1,223,550 4,543,025
3 SPOKANE Monroe Street Bridge South Approach to Bridge Ave 2,000,000 14,720,717
3 SPOKANE Broadway/Springfield Avenues Ralph St to Julia St 2,567,916 4,312,610
3 SPOKANE Monroe Street/Lincoln Streets Connector Monroe St Bridge to College Ave 617,400 1,029,000
3 SPOKANE Freya Street Sprague Ave to Alki Ave 292,379 2,412,375
3,4 SPOKANE Havana Street Broadway Ave to Mission Ave 1,975,000 12,035,500
4 LIBERTY LAKE Harvard Road Pedestrian Overcrossing Harvard Rd 755,876 1,525,911
4 SPOKANE COUNTY Mission Avenue Evergreen Rd to Sullivan Rd 1,358,341 1,732,124
4 SPOKANE COUNTY Evergreen Road 16th Ave to 300' S of Sprague Ave 2,044,914 2,556,143
4 SPOKANE COUNTY Park Road 8th Ave to Appleway Blvd 828,055 1,047,030
4 SPOKANE COUNTY Bigelow Gulch/Forker Road Connector - Sullivan Extension Wellesley Ave to Forker Road 1,713,000 4,195,772
4 SPOKANE VALLEY Barker Road Boone Ave to Barker Rd Bridge 1,675,326 2,127,158
4 SPOKANE VALLEY SR-27/Mansfield Ave WB Ramps to Mirabeau Pkwy/Bates Rd to SR-27 2,193,561 3,963,825
5 MAPLE VALLEY Maple Valley Highway (SR-169) SR-516 to SE 264th St 4,092,580 11,587,124
5 **NORTH BEND Overlay Project Multiple Locations 103,014 103,014
39 ** 2007 Awarded Projects

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

5 **NORTH BEND Bendigo Boulevard (SR-202) Park St Intersection 406,291 427,675
5 NORTH BEND North Bend Way Cedar Falls Wy Roundabout 500,000 858,255
5 SAMMAMISH NE 8th Street 228th Ave NE to 244th Ave NE 150,000 554,155
5 SNOQUALMIE SR-202 Mill Pond Rd to NW City Limits 1,708,800 2,848,000
6 SPOKANE Regal Street 29th Ave to 39th Ave 236,757 1,416,089
6 SPOKANE Regal Street (Construction Only) 39th to South City Limits 294,881 2,329,714
6 SPOKANE Five Mile Road Maple St to Lincoln Rd 274,969 549,938
6 SPOKANE Thurston Avenue Crestline St to Regal St 73,940 101,154
6 SPOKANE COUNTY Market Street/Magnesium Road Lincoln Rd to Magnesium Rd 1,288,863 1,611,079
6 SPOKANE COUNTY Market Street/Magnesium Road Lincoln Rd to Magnesium Rd 510,911 638,639
6 SPOKANE COUNTY Hayford Road SR-2 to Sprague Ave 379,539 582,237
6 SPOKANE COUNTY Hayford Road SR-2 to Sprague Ave 1,148,147 2,751,866
6,3 SPOKANE Crestline Street (Design and Right of Way Only) Decatur Ave to Lincoln Rd 467,684 1,169,209
7 **AIRWAY HEIGHTS 12th Avenue Ziegler St to Lundstrom St 77,886 81,985
7 CHEWELAH Main Street (Flowery Trail) Ehorn Lane to East City Limits 319,000 456,743
7 CHEWELAH Main Street 2nd St to 200' W of Ehorn Lane 71,931 532,825
7 **COLVILLE Railroad Street Fifth Ave to SR-395 1,239,243 1,540,600
7 **COLVILLE Railroad Street First Ave to SR-395 972,855 1,227,577
7 COLVILLE Truck Route MP 228.4 to MP 230.15 12,977 96,121
7 **CUSICK Winchester Street/4th Avenue SR-20 to Monumental Wy 100,000 100,000
7 **CUSICK Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 10,173 10,173
7 DAVENPORT Fifth Street Merriam St to Washington St 437,276 463,084
7 DEER PARK East C and D Streets S Colville St to S Weber Ave 561,991 865,000
7 DEER PARK Crawford Avenue Airport Rd to East City Limits 29,285 216,930
7 **HARRINGTON Adams/Second Streets Coal Creek Rd to South City Limts 513,000 540,000
7 HARRINGTON Sherlock Street 4th St to 1st St 80,961 599,711
7 HARRINGTON Linden Street West City Limis to SR-28 24,165 179,000
7 IONE 2nd Avenue (SR-31) Houghton St to Blackwell St 116,653 116,653
7 **KETTLE FALLS Meyers Street KFI Railroad to 4th St 16,268 120,500
7 **KETTLE FALLS SR-395 Juniper St to Meyers St 78,800 108,800
7 METALINE FALLS 4th and 5th Streets Overlay Grandview Ave to Washington Ave 5,400 5,400
7 **NEWPORT Calispel Avenue SR-2 to 1st St 500,000 1,113,655
** 2007 Awarded Projects 40

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

7 ODESSA Alder Street (SR-21) First Ave (SR-28) to First St 516,329 1,117,585
7 ODESSA Dobson Bridge Abutment to Abutment 13,648 68,242
7 ODESSA Alder Street Railroad Crossing Alder Street 5,336 53,362
7 **OKANOGAN Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 71,904 71,904
7 OKANOGAN Salmon Creek-Mill Street Bridge Abutment to Abutment 12,400 62,000
7 **OMAK Ross Canyon Road Riverside St (SR-215) to Ironwood St 430,000 576,500
7 OMAK Robinson Canyon Road SR-215 to North City Limits 62,896 465,896
7 REARDAN Cedar Street/Spokane Street/Aspen Street SR-2 to Spokane St to SR-2 519,957 547,323
7 REARDAN Oak Street/Spokane Street Broadway St (SR-2) to Lake St 41,998 313,454
7 **SPRAGUE Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 7,557 7,557
7 SPRINGDALE W Shaffer/N 2nd/Main Street (SR-231) Main to School St and Railroad Crossing to 4th Ave 224,767 256,605
7 **TONASKET Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 40,128 40,128
7 TONASKET SR-20/SR-97 Sidewalk SR-97 Milepost 314.91 to SR-20 Milepost 262.30 75,098 556,279
7 WILBUR Pope Avenue Brace St to Division St 544,643 573,608
7 WILBUR Main Street Brace St to West St 95,110 599,684
8 BENTON CITY 7th Street/Horne Drive SR-225 to Ellen Ave, Della Ave to North City Limit 30,611 402,077
8 **KENNEWICK Gage Boulevard/Center Parkway Leslie Rd to Louisiana St 1,016,680 2,728,267
8 **KENNEWICK Gage Boulevard/Center Parkway Gage Blvd/Center Pkwy Intersection 239,000 1,136,791
8 **KENNEWICK Gage Boulevard/Center Parkway Gage Blvd to Tapteal Dr 644,320 2,598,086
8 **KENNEWICK Kennewick Avenue Olympia St to SR-395 133,993 243,623
8 KENNEWICK Columbia Center Boulevard. Clearwater Ave to Deschutes Ave 3,174,882 12,941,381
8 KENNEWICK Creekstone Drive and Kellogg Street Kellogg St to Union St 1,068,485 2,094,402
8 KENNEWICK West 19th Avenue Union St to Ely St 697,436 1,201,395
8 KENNEWICK 27th Avenue and 36th Avenue SR-395 Intersections 787,750 1,606,703
8 **RICHLAND Lawless Drive/Wellsian Way/Thayer Drive Aaron Dr to Lee Blvd 1,141,000 1,530,000
8 **RICHLAND Leslie Road Gage Blvd to Willowbrook Pl 78,074 177,846
8 RICHLAND Stevens Drive/Jadwin Avenue/SR-240 Catskill St to Spengler St 776,000 2,770,802
8 WEST RICHLAND Bombing Range Road Blue Heron Rd to Lattin Rd 1,725,296 2,049,318
9 ASOTIN COUNTY Highland Avenue 13th St to 15th St 947,000 1,199,000
9 **COLFAX Mill Street Island St to Harrison St 592,000 679,000
9 COLFAX Cedar Street Golf Course to North City Limits 450,302 529,767
9 ENDICOTT E Street Margin St to East City Limits 24,456 181,156
41 ** 2007 Awarded Projects

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

9 **FAIRFIELD Citywide Chip Seal Multiple Locations 36,740 36,740
9 **LACROSSE Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 5,356 5,356
9 LIND SR-21 O St to Wilbur Rd 529,398 876,196
9 **MEDICAL LAKE SR-902 Lefevre St to Stanley St 150,000 230,025
9 **OAKESDALE Citywide Chip Seal Multiple Locations 106,355 106,355
9 **PALOUSE Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 22,691 22,691
9 **PULLMAN Grand Avenue (SR-27) Bishop Blvd to 350 Ft N 25,000 31,798
9 PULLMAN North Fairway Drive Coliseum Parking Lot to Terre View Rd 1,370,110 1,985,873
9 **RITZVILLE Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 38,341 38,341
9 **ROCKFORD Citywide Chip Seal Multiple Locations 20,578 20,578
9 ROSALIA Josephine Street 5th St to 7th St 100,000 122,359
9 **ST. JOHN Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 100,266 100,266
9 **TEKOA Citywide Chip Seal Multiple Locations 38,118 38,118
9 UNIONTOWN Woodworth/St. Boniface/Church Street SR-195 to St Boniface to SR-195 500,000 577,100
9 WAVERLY Commercial Street 280 ft South of First St to Main St 75,749 75,749
10 COUPEVILLE Broadway Pedestrian Path SR-20 to Madrona Way 12,312 93,885
10 LANGLEY Anthes Avenue Walkway Second St to Sixth St 40,499 300,000
10 LANGLEY Camano Avenue Sidewalk Sixth St to Sandy Point Rd 35,099 260,000
10 OAK HARBOR SR-20 SW Erie St to S Beeksma Dr 156,485 506,485
10 OAK HARBOR North Oak Harbor Street Whidbey Ave to NW Crosby Ave 1,300,001 2,486,599
10 STANWOOD 267th St NW Pioneer Hwy to 900' east 100,000 299,250
10,39 ARLINGTON 172nd Street (SR-531) 28th Dr NE to Smokey Pt Dr 3,693,000 8,660,022
11 **BURIEN 1st Avenue South SW 140th St to SW 146th St 4,269,458 5,536,823
11 RENTON Rainier Avenue S S/SW 7th St to S 4th Pl 2,202,000 3,670,000
11 SEATTLE 14th Avenue South South Director St to South Dallas St 1,209,766 1,512,207
11 SEATTLE East Marginal Way Overpass 300' South of S Idaho St to Spokane St 7,300,000 33,300,000
11 TUKWILA South 144th Street Military Rd to Tukwila Int'l Blvd 1,016,000 2,351,699
11 TUKWILA International Boulevard Phase II (Design Only) South 116th St to South 132nd St 660,000 1,100,000
11 TUKWILA International Boulevard S 116th St to S 132nd St 4,200,000 9,400,000
11,33 BURIEN 1st Avenue South SW 146th St to SW 148th St 970,705 1,530,632
11,33,47 KING COUNTY Trans-Valley Corridor (Construction Only) Southcenter Pkwy/S 180 St/SE Petrovitsky Rd 1,590,609 2,506,869
11,33 **TUKWILA Southcenter Parkway Extension S 180th St to S 200th St 5,000,000 18,600,000
** 2007 Awarded Projects 42

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

11,37 RENTON Maple Valley Highway (SR-169) Sunset Blvd N to Blaine Dr SE 2,208,000 3,680,000
12 BREWSTER Main Avenue 7th St to 3rd St 619,595 1,659,403
12 CHELAN Woodin and Chelan Avenues Sanders St to Webster St and Sanders St to Columbia St 207,613 207,613
12 **BRIDGEPORT Overlay Project City of Bridgeport 68,386 68,386
12 **MANSFIELD Overlay Project Town of Mansfield 74,426 74,426
12 **DOUGLAS COUNTY Rock Island Road Rock Island School to Douglas St 83,047 107,059
12 DOUGLAS COUNTY North Baker Avenue 15th St NE to 27th St NE 1,278,799 2,925,000
12 DOUGLAS COUNTY Grant Road James St to Nile Ave 361,869 512,885
12 DOUGLAS COUNTY Grant Road James St to Nile Ave 1,588,889 2,588,730
12 DOUGLAS COUNTY Badger Mountain Road 19th St to Fancher Field Rd 1,900,000 5,986,438
12 **EAST WENATCHEE Kentucky Avenue 4th St SE to 8th St NE 1,600,042 2,285,774
12 EAST WENATCHEE Rock Island Road City Limits to 3rd St SE 651,365 746,839
12 EAST WENATCHEE Eastmont Avenue and 15th Street NE 15th St to North City Limits and Eastmont Ave to Baker Ave 1,367,300 1,938,100
12 **LEAVENWORTH 9th Street Front St to Main St 500,000 669,506
12 **PATEROS Dawson Street Warren Ave to Commercial Ave 150,175 158,078
12 **ROCK ISLAND Saunders Avenue Rock Island Dr to Pitt Lake Access 141,250 148,616
12 TWISP SR-20 Twisp River Bridge to Canyon St 133,830 991,330
12 TWISP Wagner Street Overlay North City Limit to Southern Terminus 175,000 175,000
12 **WENATCHEE Riverside Drive/Piere Street/Worthen Street 900 ft South of Fifth St to Ninth St 2,003,960 3,452,200
12 **WENATCHEE Orondo/Okanogan Avenues Franklin Ave to Russell St 154,280 192,850
12 WENATCHEE Columbia Street Thurston St to Kittitas St 764,203 962,828
12 WENATCHEE Walnut Street Pine St to Hawley St 1,440,000 1,800,000
12 WINTHROP South End Pedestrian Bridge & Trail Downtown to South City Limits 28,021 207,562
12 WINTHROP Riverside Avenue & Bluff Street 500 Ft South on Riverside St to Corral St 104,768 776,058
13 **CLE ELUM Overlay Project Multiple Locations 150,786 150,786
13 CLE ELUM Stafford Avenue and Second Street (SR-903) First St to Alpha Ave 280,493 394,751
13 **ELECTRIC CITY Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 9,808 9,808
13 **ELLENSBURG Ruby Street/Mountain View Avenue Manitoba Ave to East City Limits 1,270,000 1,960,000
13 **ELLENSBURG University Way Pine St Intersection 42,700 98,041
13 **GRAND COULEE Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 57,249 57,249
13 **GRANT COUNTY Road N-NE Wheeler Rd to Urban Growth Bndry 996,000 1,245,000
13 KITTITAS Main Street Railroad Ave to I-90 920,087 1,314,087
43 ** 2007 Awarded Projects

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

13 KITTITAS Citywide Arterial Overlay Multiple Locations 577,815 577,815
13 **KRUPP Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 75,050 75,050
13 QUINCY Central Avenue North A St to North City Limits (Rd 11 NW ) 522,974 719,062
13 **ROYAL CITY Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 22,090 22,090
13 **ROYAL CITY Royal Avenue SR-26 to Fern St NW 621,800 731,500
13 **WILSON CREEK Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 17,212 17,212
13 YAKIMA COUNTY Riverside Road (Keys Rd alternate realignment) SR-24 to W Birchfield Rd 1,350,000 2,006,991
14 **NACHES South Naches Road SR-12 to South City Limits 33,444 513,297
14 SELAH Crusher Canyon Road North Fourth St to West City Limits 1,872,756 2,085,840
14 TIETON Maple Street/Wisconsin Avenue/Elm Street/Tieton Avenue Memorial Park 83,365 98,077
14 UNION GAP Valley Mall Boulevard Extension South 3rd Ave to Washington Blvd 5,286,734 10,557,266
14 UNION GAP Ahtanum Road BNSF Crossing to Goodman Rd 1,247,061 1,790,015
14 **YAKIMA Lincoln Avenue Railroad Crossing N 1st St to N 1st Ave 3,000,000 11,913,017
14 YAKIMA West Nob Hill Boulevard South 72nd Ave to South 80th Ave 630,995 824,135
14 YAKIMA River Road North 16th Ave to Fruitvale Blvd 1,568,000 3,397,830
14 YAKIMA Nob Hill Boulevard South 6th St Intersection 231,050 557,758
14 YAKIMA Washington Avenue S 52nd to S 72nd 1,831,257 2,743,563
14 YAKIMA B Street and Lincoln Avenue Railroad Crossings N 1st St to N 1st Ave 150,000 4,175,000
14 YAKIMA Lincoln Avenue 22nd Ave to 29th Ave 49,636 146,294
14 YAKIMA COUNTY Selah Loop Road East Goodlander Rd to Gore Rd 2,061,000 3,230,000
15 **BINGEN Maple Street SR-14 to South City Limits 457,061 761,027
15 BINGEN SR-14 Hood River Bridge to East City Limits 701,691 9,026,565
15 GOLDENDALE East Collins Drive S Columbus Ave to S Roosevelt St 451,640 1,072,429
15 GOLDENDALE South Columbus Avenue Goldenridge Dr to 21st St 92,810 204,112
15 **GRANGER Overlay Project Multiple Locations 149,053 149,053
15 **GRANGER East E Street Bailey Ave to Mentzer Ave 415,140 488,400
15 **MABTON 5th Street/B Street/6th Street Washington St to Washington St 100,026 110,137
15 **MOXEE Overlay Project Multiple Locations 86,822 86,822
15 SUNNYSIDE South 1st Street Westbound I-82 Ramps to Lincoln Ave 1,000,000 2,490,000
15 SUNNYSIDE Lincoln Avenue South 6th Street to South 16th Street 150,000 220,000
15 **TOPPENISH Toppenish Avenue & 2nd Avenue A St to Division Ave & C St to 550' SW 476,000 582,646
15 TOPPENISH Berger Lane Brooks Lane to Hammond Lane 200,000 200,000
** 2007 Awarded Projects 44

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

15 TOPPENISH King Lane/Rentschler Lane West First Ave to Guyette Lane 150,000 150,000
15 **WAPATO Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 28,838 28,838
15 **WAPATO Track Road West A St to East City Limits 684,400 720,421
15 WAPATO Donald Road First St to Track Rd 42,839 317,324
15 **WHITE SALMON Jewett Boulevard (SR-141)/Main Street Academy St to Wauna Ave 158,000 175,167
15 ZILLAH Second Avenue 8th St to East City Limits 745,955 846,081
15 ZILLAH Second Avenue Eighth St to Yakima Valley Hwy 18,814 139,364
16 **BENTON COUNTY I-82 Intertie Completion Finley Rd to Bowles Rd 5,406,083 8,615,970
16 BENTON COUNTY I-82 To SR-397 Intertie I-82 to Olympia St (Stage 1) 908,002 3,444,580
16 BENTON COUNTY I-82 To SR-397 Intertie Olympia St to Finley Rd 3,264,221 8,270,820
16 **DAYTON Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 49,457 49,457
16 PASCO Ainsworth Railroad Crossing (Construction Only) 7th Ave to 2nd Ave 1,114,062 6,043,277
16 **WALLA WALLA Plaza Way Stone Creek to Tietan St 34,560 51,100
16 WALLA WALLA COUNTY Myra Road US 12 to Poplar St/C St 7,962,900 15,526,032
17 CLARK COUNTY NE 162nd Avenue ( Construction Only) NE 39th St to NE Ward Rd 3,129,424 10,138,553
17 CLARK COUNTY NE 72nd Avenue 500 ft North of NE 88th St to St Johns Rd 500,000 6,518,462
17 **VANCOUVER NE 138th Avenue/NE 137th Avenue NE 28th St to NE 49th St 4,500,000 15,994,000
17 VANCOUVER NE 138th Avenue 18th St to 28th St 2,700,000 8,156,554
17 VANCOUVER Mill Plain Boulevard 172nd Ave to 192nd Ave 1,723,666 3,532,167
17 VANCOUVER NE 28th Street (Burton Road 3) NE 114th Ave to NE 145th Ave 2,707,901 5,620,905
18 CAMAS NW Lake Rd/SE 1st Street NW Leadbetter Blvd to SE 192nd Ave 3,671,458 10,232,882
18 CLARK COUNTY NW/NE 149th Street (Construction Only) NW 21st Ave to NE 10th Ave 150,000 580,142
18 **KALAMA Fir Street E Frontage Rd to N 3rd St 529,200 588,000
18 **RIDGEFIELD NE 10th Avenue S 5th St to S 10th Way 689,750 974,750
18 RIDGEFIELD Mill Street N 1st St to Foot of Mill St 269,968 284,177
18 VANCOUVER SE 192nd Avenue Corridor (Stage 3) SE 41st St to SR-14 6,190,030 13,919,110
18 **YACOLT Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 44,278 44,278
19 **CASTLE ROCK Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 54,804 54,804
19 **CASTLE ROCK Front Avenue NW Cowlitz St to Huntington Ave 100,000 113,800
19 **CATHLAMET Broadway Street River St to Simon St 316,650 372,525
19 CATHLAMET Division & River Streets Una Street to Broadway St 603,562 693,023
19 COSMOPOLIS Downtown Corridor Improvement Phase 2 B St to J St 10,925 80,925
45 ** 2007 Awarded Projects

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

19 ILWACO Elizabeth Avenue Howerton Wy to Spruce St (SR-101) 25,710 34,350
19 ILWACO Brumbach Street Spruce St to School St - East Side 100,000 157,113
19 KELSO Kelso Drive "S" Curves 200 feet North of Carrolls Rd 35,705 35,705
19 KELSO Kelso Drive Slides B & C (Old SR-5) Haussler Rd to Alma Dr 553,180 553,180
19 KELSO North Pacific Avenue N Kelso Ave to Redpath St 669,890 1,419,677
19 KELSO Bates Road Allen St to 19th Ave 67,040 93,202
19 LONG BEACH Bolstad Street N Pacific Ave (SR-103) to Washington Ave 214,360 240,850
19 LONG BEACH Discovery Trail Phase 1 Long Beach to Port of Ilwaco 36,732 599,306
19 RAYMOND SR-101 Safety Upgrade Ocean Ave to Fowler St 31,200 231,111
19 **SOUTH BEND Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 60,844 60,844
19 **WESTPORT Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 39,994 44,375
20 CHEHALIS Chamber of Commerce Way I-5 Southbound Ramps to National Ave 1,963,900 4,590,000
20 **LEWIS COUNTY Airport Road Extension Chambers Way to Mellen St 3,000,000 9,201,738
20 **MORTON Overlay Project Multiple Locations 49,056 49,056
20 **MORTON Adams Avenue Second St (SR-7) to Seventh St 125,689 147,869
20 MORTON Adams Street 2nd St to 7th St 71,450 71,450
20 MORTON Adams Street 2nd St to 7th St 128,414 128,414
20 MOSSYROCK Williams Street State Ave to SR-12 177,348 177,348
20 NAPAVINE Washington Street 2nd Street Intersection 36,767 368,391
20 NAPAVINE Washington Street Signal East Front St to Birch St 30,148 301,477
20 **PE ELL Main Street (SR-6) 6th Ave to 4th Ave 126,224 151,178
20 WINLOCK SE First Street SE Shannon St to SE Alder St 513,524 651,525
21 MOUNTLAKE TERRACE 220th Street SW 44th Ave W to 39th Ave W 150,000 633,109
21 SNOHOMISH COUNTY 112th Street SW SR-525 to Airport Rd 2,352,739 9,336,267
21,44 SNOHOMISH COUNTY Airport Road/128th Street/132nd Street (SR-96) 8th Ave West to 3rd 362,000 2,635,549
22 LACEY Carpenter Road SE (Design Only) Pacific Ave SE to Martin Wy SE 660,000 1,100,000
22 LACEY Sleater Kinney Road SE Sleater Kinney Rd to 450' east on 6th Ave 1,140,000 1,900,000
22 LACEY Mullen Road SE Ruddell Rd to East City Limits 2,488,251 4,507,251
22 **OLYMPIA Division Street NW/4th Avenue NW Harrison Ave to Thomas St 150,000 367,500
22 OLYMPIA Fones Road SE (Design and ROW only) Pacific Ave to 18th Ave 790,320 1,317,200
22 OLYMPIA RW Johnson Boulevard/21st Avenue SW BNSF Tracks to Black Lake Blvd 1,668,294 3,111,636
22 OLYMPIA Harrison Avenue Kaiser Rd Intersection 669,200 1,236,335
** 2007 Awarded Projects 46

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

22 THURSTON COUNTY Pacific Avenue Kinwood St Intersection 226,320 520,336
22 TUMWATER Littlerock Road Trosper Rd to 73rd Ave (South City Limits) 2,497,359 3,815,200
22 TUMWATER Tumwater Boulevard (Airdustrial Way) Capitol Blvd to I-5 2,400,000 6,749,852
22,20 **THURSTON COUNTY Yelm Highway Henderson Blvd to Rich Rd 3,900,000 6,600,000
22,20 THURSTON COUNTY Yelm Highway (Design & ROW Only) Henderson Blvd to Rich Rd 1,300,000 2,000,000
22,20 TUMWATER Old Highway 99 Signal Henderson Blvd 174,000 440,489
23 KITSAP COUNTY SR-3/SR-303 Waaga Way Interchange 2,482,280 20,138,776
23 POULSBO SR-305 Bond Rd NE to NE Hostmark St 4,272,000 26,144,330
24 FORKS Calawah Way SR-101 to East City Limits 1,216,169 1,466,820
24 FORKS Spartan Avenue East E St to School Campus 125,000 208,514
24 MONTESANO Main Street Brumfield Ave to Wynochee Ave 500,000 1,132,579
24 MONTESANO Sylvia Creek Bridge Replacement Wynooche Ave 33,200 166,000
24 **OCEAN SHORES Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 86,400 86,400
24 **OCEAN SHORES Canal Drive/Mt Olympus Avenue Ocean Lake Wy to Altair St 100,000 110,000
24 OCEAN SHORES Ocean Lake Way Bridge Ocean Lake Wy 70,719 353,729
24 OCEAN SHORES Bass Avenue Bridge Bass Ave 36,537 182,757
24 PORT ANGELES Olympic Peninsula International Gateway Front St 1,224,106 13,408,673
24 **PORT TOWNSEND Discovery Road Hastings Ave to Sheridan St 150,000 217,000
24 PORT TOWNSEND Discovery Road Sheridan St to Sherman St 89,000 137,000
25 FIFE 20th Street East 54th Ave E to 63rd Ave E 3,020,499 4,589,999
25 FIFE Valley Avenue East 70th Ave East to Freeman Rd 1,425,140 5,331,613
25 MILTON Milton Way 28th Ave to 23rd Ave 1,330,406 1,900,580
25 PIERCE COUNTY 112th Street East Waller Rd to 50th Ave East 3,291,662 7,118,797
25 PIERCE COUNTY Canyon Road East 116 St E to 1000 Ft south of 128 St 4,543,000 11,603,945
25 PIERCE COUNTY Canyon Road East 1,000 Ft S 128th E to 1,639' N of 160th St E 4,692,407 11,025,984
25 PIERCE COUNTY Canyon Road East 144th St East to 160th St East 1,710,045 8,801,056
25 PIERCE COUNTY 112th Street East 59th Ave Ct East to 300ft E of Woodland Ave E 3,453,000 6,652,330
25 PIERCE COUNTY 112th Street East 300 ft East of Woodland Ave E to 86th Ave E 4,641,000 6,630,000
25 PIERCE COUNTY Canyon Road East 106th St East to 116th St East 2,717,603 4,995,241
25 PUYALLUP 9th Street SW 39th Ave SW to 450 ft South of 43rd Ave SW 3,278,001 4,277,777
25 SUMNER West Valley Highway/Valley Avenue East 1000' of West Valley Hwy and 1200' of Valley Ave E 1,956,217 2,443,001
26 BREMERTON SR-3 / SR-304, Stage 1 Gorst to Porter St and Pacific Ave to Ferry Terminal 6,805,179 18,713,665
47 ** 2007 Awarded Projects

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

26 GIG HARBOR Rosedale Street 400 ft W of Skansie St and 400 ft S of Intersection 97,200 221,523
26 KITSAP COUNTY Bethel Road Crawford Lane SE to 350' north of Lund Ave SE 1,728,000 4,320,000
27 FIFE Pacific Highway East Alexander Ave to Port of Tacoma Rd 1,540,586 3,640,379
27 TACOMA River Road/Pioneer Way I-5 Off Ramp to 500' S River Rd 497,600 807,877
27 TACOMA East 48th Street & Portland Avenue McKinley Ave to Portland Ave to E. 38th St to E. 72nd St 2,270,876 2,838,595
27 TACOMA D Street Overpass East 25th St to East 19th St 5,184,200 22,260,251
27,28 TACOMA Narrows Drive/North 26th Street N 17th St to Orchard St 1,545,000 2,060,000
27,29 TACOMA Business District Sidewalks 11 Business District 59,451 482,142
29 **LAKEWOOD Steilacoom Boulevard SW Fairlawn Dr SW to Bridgeport Wy W 150,000 316,400
29 LAKEWOOD Bridgeport Way SW Steilacoom Blvd SW to 83rd St SW 734,300 1,244,600
29 LAKEWOOD Lakewood Drive SW (East Side) 100th St SW to Steilacoom Blvd SW 150,000 381,767
29 LAKEWOOD Lakewood Drive SW (West Side) 100th St SW to Steilacoom Blvd SW 136,850 203,585
29 PIERCE COUNTY 112th Street South Alaska St S to Sheridan Ave S 121,333 379,403
29 TACOMA South Alaska Street South 38th St to South 56th St 2,744,058 3,467,371
29 TACOMA South Tyler Street South 56th St to South 74th St 1,567,200 2,424,401
29 TACOMA South Tacoma Way Pine St to South 38th St 112,591 834,000
29 TACOMA South Tyler Street S 38th St to S 56th St 2,707,200 4,512,000
30 **ALGONA Main Street 1st Ave to Algona Blvd 632,799 703,110
30 **FEDERAL WAY Pacific Highway South (SR-99) Dash Point Rd to S 312th St 8,177,109 14,071,000
30 FEDERAL WAY Pacific Highway South (SR-99) Dash Point Rd to South 284th St 6,898,689 12,548,000
30 **PACIFIC 3rd Avenue SW Interurban Trail to Savannah Ct 150,000 921,975
30 PACIFIC Ellingson Road SR-167 to Skinner Rd (C St) 1,564,720 2,222,051
31 **BUCKLEY Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 83,493 83,493
31 BUCKLEY Main Street River Ave to A St 695,000 905,638
31 BUCKLEY Ryan Road 315 ft West of Division St to Spiketon Rd 750,000 1,098,194
31 EDGEWOOD 114th Avenue East Jovita Blvd to Alice V. Hedden Elementary School 137,619 237,116
31 PIERCE COUNTY South Prairie Road East SR-410 to 202nd Ave East 2,024,000 3,570,839
31 PIERCE COUNTY Stewart Road (Pacific) SR-167 Northbound On-ramp to Bridge #1204-B 3,306,600 5,519,000
31 PIERCE COUNTY Lake Tapps Parkway East Stuck River Bridge to Sumner Tapps Hwy 2,653,400 24,575,225
31 PIERCE COUNTY East Valley Highway BNSF Railroad Grade Separation 1,303,113 7,160,904
31 PIERCE COUNTY Stewart Road (Sumner) East Stuck River Bridge to Lake Tapps Pkwy E 4,125,600 6,876,000
31 PIERCE COUNTY Lake Tapps Parkway Sumner Tapps Extension to 182nd Ave E 1,129,300 4,187,613
** 2007 Awarded Projects 48

Active Projects List Continued
Leg. .
Dist. . Agency Ar terial Termini TIB Funds T Total Cost

31,47 AUBURN 3rd Street SE/Cross Street S Division St to Auburn Wy S 1,336,000 1,997,982
32 EDMONDS 220th Street SW 9th Ave S to 84th Ave W 2,760,000 5,043,218
32 KENMORE Bothell Way (SR-522) Corridor Improvements (Design Only) 73rd Ave NE to 61st Ave NE 1,000,000 1,803,478
32 KENMORE Bothell Way (SR-522) 65th Ave NE to 73rd Ave NE 3,797,000 7,602,197
32 LAKE FOREST PARK Bothell Way (SR-522) 35th Ave NE to 38th Ave NE 896,476 3,155,162
32 **SHORELINE Dayton Avenue/North 172nd Street St Lukes Pl N to Fremont Ave 135,200 312,000
32 SHORELINE Aurora Avenue North Multimodal Corridor Project 145th St to 165th St 5,480,000 28,274,933
33 BURIEN Highline Corridor Enhancement Project Stage 2 SW 148th St to SW 162nd St 1,771,848 6,200,889
33 DES MOINES South 216th Street 24th Ave South Intersection 321,132 509,998
33 KENT South 228th Street 54th Ave S to Kent-Des Moines Rd (SR-516) 1,589,896 10,338,218
33 KENT South 228th Street Green River Bridge Construction 1,499,575 7,250,301
33 KENT South 228th Street Riverview Blvd Bridge 278,508 1,793,024
33 KENT South 228th Street Military Rd 464,179 3,196,485
33 KENT East Valley Highway (84th Ave S) SR-167 to S 212th St 150,000 346,370
33 **SEATAC Military Road South S 176th St to S 188th St 2,179,416 4,505,115
33 SEATAC International Boulevard - Phase 4 South 200th St to South 216th St 6,328,750 10,995,966
33,30 DES MOINES 16th Avenue South (Phase I - Design and Right of Way Only) South 260th St to Pacific Hwy South 359,575 536,200
33,30 DES MOINES 16th Avenue South South 272nd St to South 260th St 2,597,189 6,650,399
33,30 KENT Pacific Highway South(SR-99) South 252nd St to South 272nd St 2,754,279 5,155,968
33,30 KENT Pacific Highway South (Design & Right of Way Only) South 252nd St to South 272nd St 1,142,675 1,904,459
33,30,47 KING COUNTY South 277th Street West Valley Hwy to East Frontage Rd 3,780,971 10,334,158
33,30 KING COUNTY South 272nd Street Military Rd Intersection 640,000 1,411,585
34,33 **BURIEN Ambaum Boulevard SW/South 156th Street SW 153rd St to Des Moines Memorial Dr 150,000 482,348
35 BREMERTON Warren Ave (SR-303) SR-303 at Callahan Dr 861,054 906,000
35 **ELMA Harding Road Slide Repair Limits of Slide Area 100,000 164,000
35 MCCLEARY Third Street 100 ft South to 300 ft South of West Simpson Ave 10,725 16,500
35 SHELTON Northcliff Road North 13th St to Moore Hill Rd 2,182,350 2,731,350
36,43 SEATTLE Phinney Avenue/Fremont Avenue/50th Street 46th St-73rd St; 46th St-50th St to Latona Ave to Phinney Ave 3,130,712 4,469,792
37 **SEATTLE 51st Avenue South Renton Ave S to S Roxbury St 1,792,405 2,987,342
37 SEATTLE South Jackson Street 12th Ave S to 14th Ave S 1,273,000 1,659,501
37 SEATTLE Alaskan Way Surface Street Improvements Royal Brougham Way to So. Atlantic St. 5,070,000 13,021,165
38 EVERETT Broadway & Beverly Boulevard Intersection SR-526 to Spokane St 500,000 750,000
49 ** 2007 Awarded Projects

Active Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

38 EVERETT Holly Drive Airport Rd to 100th St SW 149,540 3,204,740
38 EVERETT 7th Avenue SE 93rd St SE to 100th St SE 107,739 608,769
38 EVERETT 100th Street SW Holly Dr and 12th Ave W 75,735 126,225
38,44 EVERETT 112th Street I-5 Overcrossing West Approach (Everett) 2,497,740 4,467,837
38,44 EVERETT 112th Street I-5 Overcrossing (WSDOT Contract) 4,515,125 11,264,915
39 DARRINGTON Sauk River Bridge #414 Bridge and Approaches 14,570 300,000
39 GOLD BAR May Creek Bridge / 1st Street Bridge and Approaches 117,930 1,914,210
39 **GOLD BAR Overlay Project Multiple Locations 69,918 69,918
39 **GRANITE FALLS South Granite Avenue Galena St to Union St 576,935 607,300
39 GRANITE FALLS Stanley Street Granite Ave Intersection 316,838 399,164
39 MARYSVILLE State Avenue 116th St NE to 136th St NE 2,500,000 9,450,068
39 MARYSVILLE State Avenue 152nd St NE to 136th St NE 3,526,226 6,027,737
39 SULTAN Sultan Basin Road SR-2 Intersection 500,000 1,930,863
40 **ANACORTES Sunset Avenue Washington Park to Ferry Terminal Lane (SR-20) 150,000 2,049,783
40 **BURLINGTON North Burlington Boulevard SR-20 to SR-11 1,940,489 2,772,127
40 FRIDAY HARBOR Guard Street Tucker Ave to Marguerite Pl 625,000 1,058,082
40 MOUNT VERNON Cameron Way/Freeway Drive (Construction Only) Riverside Dr to 1300' S of Cameron Wy 45,541 56,502
40 MOUNT VERNON Riverside Drive - South Burlington Boulevard Pacific Pl (Mount Vernon) to George Hopper Rd Interchange 2,500,000 22,943,590
40 WHATCOM COUNTY Yew Street Samish Way to Kingsmill Rd 1,721,000 2,160,000
41 BELLEVUE I-405 - Bellevue Downtown Access NE 4th St,NE 6th St ,NE 8th St to I-405 4,020,530 63,188,441
41 KING COUNTY Coal Creek Parkway/Duvall Avenue, Phase 3 Renton City Limits to Newcastle City Limits 3,196,000 4,670,000
41 NEWCASTLE Coal Creek Parkway, Phase 2 SE 95th Wy to SE 84th Wy 18,873,875 30,452,697
41,11 RENTON Duvall Avenue SR-900 to North City Limits 3,095,640 3,874,800
42 BELLINGHAM Sunset Drive Woburn St to McLeod Rd 1,762,000 7,430,000
42 **BLAINE Semiahmoo Parkway Mallard St to Pedestrian Pathway 100,000 131,760
42 BLAINE Marine Drive Peace Portal Dr to Lift Station #1 975,665 1,969,497
42 FERNDALE Malloy Road Vista Dr to Golden Eagle Dr 1,078,636 1,487,931
42 NOOKSACK West 2nd Street/Madison Street Columbia St (SR-544) to Nooksack Ave (SR-9) 67,500 90,000
42 **SUMAS Seal Coat Project Multiple Locations 69,755 69,755
42,40 **BELLINGHAM Northwest Avenue McLeod Rd to E Bakerview Rd 300,000 800,000
43,36 SEATTLE Bridge Way North and Fremont Circulation Fremont Bridge to Leary Wy NW and Stone Wy N to N 40th St 2,044,000 3,643,905
43,36 SEATTLE Bridge Way North and Fremont Circulation Fremont Bridge to Leary Wy NW and Stone Wy N to N 40th St 912,835 1,999,763
** 2007 Awarded Projects 50

Active Projects List Continued
Leg. .
Dist. . Agency Ar terial Termini TIB Funds T Total Cost

43,46 SEATTLE 35th Avenue NE/NE 65th Street/NE 75th Street NE 55th St to NE 95th St to Roosevelt Wy to 35th 5,954,400 9,645,226
44 **EVERETT 112th Street SE Silver Lake Rd to SR-527 2,943,558 4,905,930
44 **SNOHOMISH COUNTY 20th Street SE 91st Ave SE to Cavalero Rd 4,500,000 22,200,000
44 SNOHOMISH COUNTY Meridian Street/Lundeen Parkway SR-204 to SR-9 1,991,000 15,373,342
44 SNOHOMISH COUNTY 20th Street SE 99th Ave to South Lake Stevens Rd 2,085,000 4,689,600
44 SNOHOMISH COUNTY 20th Street SE 91st Ave SE to 99th Ave SE 3,500,000 13,779,880
44,38 EVERETT 112th Street West Approach Utilities 619,332 1,075,229
45 **CARNATION Overlay Project Multiple Locations 57,390 57,390
45 CARNATION Tolt Avenue (SR-203) Morrison St to Entwistle St 100,000 143,835
45 **WOODINVILLE Woodinville Redmond Road (SR-202) Sammish River to NE 143rd St 2,100,000 3,964,529
45 WOODINVILLE 131st Avenue NE (SR-202) NE 177th Pl to NE 175th St 2,915,514 4,373,934
45 WOODINVILLE 131st Avenue NE (SR-202) SR-522 to NE 177th Pl 811,768 1,217,043
46 **SEATTLE Aurora Avenue North (SR-99) N 145th St to N 137th St 4,915,541 10,535,541
46 **SEATTLE Sand Point Way NE (SR-513) 40th Ave NE to 41st Ave NE 128,163 213,605
46 SEATTLE Greenwood Avenue North N 105th St to N 112th St 2,170,788 3,617,980
46,43 SEATTLE Lake City Way (SR-522) I-5 to NE 145th St 2,132,449 11,379,230
47 AUBURN West Valley Highway SR-18 N Peasley Canyon Rd to South City Limits 403,221 504,026
47 COVINGTON Wax Road/180th Avenue SE 262nd St to 300' south of SR-516 1,407,341 2,165,140
47 COVINGTON SE 256th Street 164th Ave SE to 168th Ave SE 2,690,335 4,861,243
47 KENT 277th Street Corridor Extension Kent-Kangley Rd (SR-516) to SE 256th St 1,945,200 3,242,000
48 REDMOND Union Hill Road Avondale Rd to 178th Pl NE 2,250,000 3,750,000
48 REDMOND Redmond Overlake Traffic/Transit Signal Redmond/Overlake Area 329,175 1,985,000
49 CLARK COUNTY NE 63rd Street NE Andresen Rd to I-205 3,900,000 6,465,200
49 CLARK COUNTY NE Highway 99 Realignment NE 20th Ave to NE 134th St/I-5 4,649,450 15,792,911
49 **VANCOUVER Andresen Road Kansas St to 72nd Ave 150,000 548,035
49,17 VANCOUVER Burton Road, Phase 2 NE 86th Ave to NE 114th Ave 3,649,273 8,008,428
49,18,17 CLARK COUNTY I-5/Salmon Creek Interchange Vicinity of I-5 & I-205 Junction 8,000,000 22,060,000

** 2007 Awarded Projects

Projects List

Completed Projects List
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

BRIER Old Poplar Way 228th St SW to Brier Rd 126,000 174,651
YELM 103rd Street West Rd to Creek St 492,500 733,469
SPOKANE COUNTY Country Vista Road Appleway Rd to Henry Rd 1,049,990 1,541,631
SPOKANE COUNTY Sprague Avenue Sullivan Rd to Corbin Rd 1,910,735 2,639,025
SPOKANE COUNTY Sullivan Road 16th Ave to 32nd Ave 1,766,938 2,208,672
SPOKANE COUNTY University Road Main Ave to Mission Ave 1,504,800 2,552,259
SPOKANE COUNTY 16th Avenue SR-27 to Evergreen Rd 736,152 1,551,761
SPOKANE COUNTY 16th Avenue Evergreen Rd to Sullivan Rd 1,198,769 2,461,074
SPOKANE COUNTY Thierman Road, Stage 1 Eighth Ave to Fourth Ave 833,134 2,205,092
SPOKANE COUNTY Evergreen Road Sharp Avenue to Indiana Ave 3,782,705 8,448,864
ISSAQUAH Sunset Interchange Front St to I-90 4,999,972 115,156,325
NORTH BEND Tanner Trail Cedar Falls Wy to South Fork Snoqualmie River 25,275 187,219
NORTH BEND Downing Avenue North East Third St & East Second St 94,867 143,843
NORTH BEND Ballarat Avenue 6th St to 8th St 421,539 469,497
SAMMAMISH Issaquah Pine Lake Road 234th Ave to 231st Lane 815,600 2,451,201
AIRWAY HEIGHTS McFarlane Road Craig Rd to Hayford Rd 160,896 1,191,819
ALMIRA 3rd and 4th Streets Main St to North City Limits 48,944 362,543
COLVILLE SR-395 Roundabout Hawthorne St Intersection 161,524 1,203,954
CRESTON Creston Avenue North and Foster Street SR-2 to E Street 496,402 517,085
CUSICK Monumental Way 1st Ave to 4th Ave 119,680 119,680
METALINE SR-31 Town Hall to Metaline St 68,988 68,988
METALINE FALLS North County Revitalization Project Planning Phase 12,688 93,984
ODESSA Alder Street/SR-21 Realignment First Ave (SR-28) to 1350' N of May Ave 130,293 965,138
OKANOGAN Oak Street/Van Duyn Road Oak St Bridge to North City Limits 19,901 147,589
SPRINGDALE West Shaffer Avenue/North 2nd Street/Main Street (SR-231) Main St to School St & Railroad Crossing to 4th Ave 155,413 155,413
PROSSER Wine Country Road I-82 Exit 80 to Nunn-Wamba Rd 364,024 15,625,642
RICHLAND Swift Boulevard Goethals Dr Intersection 276,092 351,850
WEST RICHLAND Keene Road, Stage 1 Keene Village to Bombing Range Rd 2,075,162 2,625,480
WEST RICHLAND SR-224 Bombing Range Rd Intersection 588,152 802,748
ALBION Main Street Front St to North City Limits 21,386 158,413
ENDICOTT Third Street Bridge Rebel Flat Creek 67,911 340,463
FAIRFIELD Railroad Avenue/Governor Moore Street Ticknor St to McNeill Ave 38,691 286,602

Completed Projects List Continued
Leg. .
Dist. . Agency Ar terial Termini TIB Funds T Total Cost

GARFIELD Central Business District Sidewalks Various Locations 110,431 136,994
LACROSSE North Main Street and A Street A St to North City Limits & Main St to Leslie Ave 350,638 350,638
LIND E Street 1st St (SR-21) to 7th St 476,204 529,115
MESA May Avenue Farrell St to Peabody Ave & School Pathway 75,375 75,375
OAKESDALE Pearl Street and Third Street Bartlett St to Steptoe St 114,188 121,528
PALOUSE SR-27 North City Limits to South City Limits 415,342 1,090,317
PALOUSE E Main Street (SR-272) & SR-27 SR-272 Bridge to H St & SR-27 North to South City Limits 136,800 1,013,334
POMEROY Columbia Street 6th St to 12th St 594,568 654,018
PULLMAN Bishop Boulevard Main St (SR-270) to Conoco Station 55,614 69,517
ROSALIA Whitman Street North City Limits to South City Limits 32,810 242,796
ST. JOHN Front Street Bridge SR-23 to Front St 79,694 398,492
TEKOA Crosby Street Walkway Poplar St to Park St 20,614 164,172
COUPEVILLE North Main Street Third St to Front St 133,628 989,837
STANWOOD SR-532 72nd Ave Intersection 65,836 69,301
RENTON Benson Road South 440 Ft S of Main Ave S to South 26th St 50,689 166,749
TUKWILA Pacific Highway South Redevelopment S 138th St to S 152nd St 868,519 11,072,055
TUKWILA 57th Avenue S - Phase 1 (Design Only) S 180th St to City Limits 150,000 604,240
CHELAN Chelan River Bridge Study Woodin Ave Bridge 12,309 61,544
COULEE DAM Columbia Avenue Grant Ave to Roosevelt Wy 154,019 162,125
COULEE DAM Douglas Avenue Columbia Ave to Lincoln Ave 70,141 82,519
LEAVENWORTH Sherbourne Street/Price Street/Birch Street/Burke Street Evans St to Pine St 505,882 568,407
LEAVENWORTH Birch Street Central Ave to Price Ave 60,851 81,134
WENATCHEE Maple Street Wenatchee Ave to Western Ave 1,352,193 2,210,670
SOAP LAKE Canna Street and Various Intersections ADA Ramp Construction 90,670 109,241
KITTITAS COUNTY Airport Industrial Road/Bowers Road Bowers Rd to Ellensburg Airport 132,390 1,563,996
YAKIMA COUNTY Keys Road (New 33rd Street Alignment) Terrace Heights Dr to SR-24 (Gun Club to Birchfield) 2,315,676 6,287,450
NACHES Old Naches Highway West Town Limits to Fourth St 409,148 481,351
YAKIMA Washington Avenue (Construction Only) S 40th to S 52nd 1,471,154 2,513,024
GRANDVIEW Downtown Arterial Street Intersections ADA Ramp Construction 96,000 120,579
GRANDVIEW Wine Country Road Traffic Signal Wilson Way Intersection 166,927 218,826
GRANDVIEW Wine Country Road Elm St Intersection 125,846 211,978
GRANDVIEW Grandridge Road West Second St Intersection 121,618 210,322

Completed Projects List Continued
Dist. Agency Arterial Termini TIB Funds Total Cost

NORTH BONNEVILLE Greenleaf Creek Bridge Cascade Dr 14,431 72,162
STEVENSON SR-14/2nd Street Couplet Rock Creek Dr to East of Columbia Ave 181,013 1,340,840
WHITE SALMON SR-14 MP 63.35 to MP 65.14 156,000 1,156,069
DAYTON First Street/ Patit Creek Bridge Main St 14,443 72,229
CLARK COUNTY NE 76th Street NE 117th Ave (SR-503) to NE 142nd Ave 2,533,396 5,161,701
VANCOUVER NE 28th Street/Burton Road Phase 3 NE 114th Ave to NE 145nd Ave 209,389 342,051
VANCOUVER SE 192nd Avenue SE 1st St to SE 15th St 1,954,392 7,105,231
BATTLE GROUND SR-502 West City Limits to 8th Ave 3,340,009 7,581,900
COSMOPOLIS Mill Creek Pedestrian Linkage 500 Block of SR-101 to Cosmopolis Pathway 34,978 259,093
COSMOPOLIS Second Street D St to E St 49,356 51,953
COSMOPOLIS J Street First St to Second St 49,949 52,578
MOSSYROCK State Street, Phase 1 Williams St to Court St 611,954 662,288
WINLOCK East Walnut Street (SR-505) Second St to Cedar Creek Dr 105,450 309,712
EDMONDS Edmonds Multimodal Transportation Center SR-104 to Ferry Terminal 209,505 2,533,004
LYNNWOOD 44th Avenue West 200th St SW to SR-524 1,831,610 3,430,737
LYNNWOOD Olympic View Drive 168th St SW to 76th Ave West 532,480 672,351
LYNNWOOD 176th Street SW SR-99 to Olympic View Dr 1,265,565 2,296,576
MOUNTLAKE TERRACE 220th Street SW I-5 Ramps to SR-99 1,002,539 1,808,568
LACEY Yelm Highway (ROW & Construction Only) College St to Ruddell Rd 1,834,083 3,373,741
BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Madison Avenue/New Brooklyn Road High School Rd to Sportsman Club Rd 150,000 1,162,659
POULSBO SR-305 Bond Rd NE to NE Hostmark St 220,000 308,758
PORT ANGELES Park Avenue Race St to Liberty St 141,500 239,772
SEQUIM Sequim Streetscape/Downtown Revitalization Washington St/W Bell St/W Cedar St. 200,000 4,672,527
MILTON Milton Way Porter Wy to 11th Ave 150,000 401,164
PIERCE COUNTY Canyon Road East 112th St to SR-512 ROW line 891,471 1,072,950
PIERCE COUNTY Canyon Road East Brookdale Stormwater Facility 536,949 1,403,140
PUYALLUP 23rd Avenue SE 9th St SE to 17th St SE 108,689 1,305,014
BREMERTON SR-3 / SR-304, Stage 4 Charleston Beach Blvd to Porter St 445,013 3,296,393
BREMERTON SR-3 / SR-304, Stage 5 Pacific Ave/Burwell I/S to Washington Ave/1st St I/S 244,955 1,949,844
TACOMA Norpoint Way 29th St NE to 49th Ave NE 1,876,788 3,301,003
STEILACOOM Military Road/Stevens Street South Town Limits to Lexington St 1,412,702 2,095,138
LAKEWOOD Steilacoom Boulevard/Gravelly Lake Drive 800' W Gravelly Lk to Lakewood Dr 1,476,800 2,240,519

Completed Projects List Continued
Leg. .
Dist. . Agency Ar terial Termini TIB Funds T Total Cost

FEDERAL WAY Pacific Highway South HOV Lanes, Stage 2 South 324th St to South 340th St 2,542,287 8,750,632
KING COUNTY Pacific Highway South Park and Ride Federal Way 1,327,779 12,419,354
PIERCE COUNTY South Prairie Road East 202nd Ave East to 214th Ave East 935,858 1,169,822
SUMNER 24th Street East / SR-167 Interchange West Valley Hwy to 142nd Ave East 1,183,292 14,914,906
DES MOINES Pacific Highway South (SR-99) Redevelopment South 216th St to SR-516 4,855,947 21,100,257
NORMANDY PARK Highline Corridor Emergency Relief SW 174th St to 400ft north 472,049 1,467,748
NORMANDY PARK First Avenue South Enhancement SW 162nd St to 400ft north of SW 174th St 1,337,896 3,637,923
BURIEN Maplewild Avenue SW 29th Ave SW to 33rd Ave SW 302,255 5,200,592
SHELTON Olympic Highway South Pedestrian Path Fairmount Ave to Mill St 100,000 750,071
EVERETT California Street Overcrossing Everett Ave to Terminal Ave 3,350,741 7,661,837
MARYSVILLE State Avenue 1st St to Grove St 1,687,625 8,834,481
SULTAN 1st Street Alder Ave to Trout Farm Rd 103,293 184,499
ANACORTES H Avenue 32nd St to 41st St 712,680 1,513,114
MOUNT VERNON College Way 30th St to 1550' E/O Waugh Rd 925,000 2,003,486
MOUNT VERNON College Way (SR-538) Sidewalk LaVenture Rd to 26th St 100,000 246,787
MOUNT VERNON Stewart Road Freeway Dr to Market St 636,255 911,673
MOUNT VERNON Riverside Bridge Whitmarsh Rd to Hoag/Stewart Rd 383,479 4,929,463
BELLEVUE NE 8th Street Undercrossing 112th Ave NE to 116th Ave NE 1,323,365 15,849,551
BELLEVUE 148th Avenue SE SE 24th St to SE 28th St 1,125,157 3,216,909
FERNDALE Main Street Labounty Rd to Third St 1,871,000 7,531,237
LYNDEN Main Street Depot Rd Intersection 612,625 1,004,725
EVERETT SR-527 132nd St to 112th St 5,773,000 24,588,159
MILL CREEK Dumas Road SR-96 to SR-527 3,091,388 4,721,265
CARNATION West Entwistle Sidewalks Tolt Ave (SR-203) to Stewart St 5,400 63,787
DUVALL NE Big Rock Rd NE 278th Pl NE to Roney Rd 575,000 783,361
KING COUNTY 124th Avenue NE NE 132nd St to NE 145th St 3,443,928 5,493,695
BLACK DIAMOND Baker Street/Morgan Street Second Ave to Abrahms Ave 125,000 253,600
BLACK DIAMOND Morgan Street Baker St to Abrams Ave 125,000 322,879
KING COUNTY 140th Avenue SE 176th St to 196th St 4,501,382 17,757,251
BELLEVUE 164th Avenue NE Northrup Wy to NE 24th St 62,726 344,099
CLYDE HILL 98th Avenue NE NE 15th St to NE 22nd St 92,677 193,723
REDMOND Redmond Way (SR-202) Avondale Wy to SR-520 362,000 2,226,882
VANCOUVER NW Fruit Valley Road W 34th St to Whitney Rd 4,020,373 5,857,623

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